Topeka Livestock Auction

October 6th-7th


Zebra- bottle fed female, born 5/17

Nice group of Adult Male Rams

Small group of fallow deer

Buffalo- one mature bull, two mature cows, one heifer



Camels- 2 bottle baby camels (1 chocolate, 1 spotted)/ year old that leads koosh/1 Adult Gelding (very tame, used in nativity scenes, leads good)

Miniature Hereford Cow- bottle fed, 2 mini, 1 yr old bulls

Mini Hereford cow with heifer calf at side

Yearling Mini Hereford Heifer

Mature Dexter Bull and a few Dexter Cows

Registered Mini Hereford Bull- halter broke and grand champion at many fairs this year

Group of Cavies

Mangalitsa Hogs- purebred breeding pair

2 yr old boar, 3 yr old sow

Mulefoot Gilt

2 red wattle gilts


Red Foot Turtles

4 eyed possums

Family of Chinchillas