Topeka Livestock Auction

 Border Leicester -2 five year old white ewes, 1 five year old natural color ewe, 1 four year old natural color ewe, 2 natural color lambs ewe, 2 white lambs ewe, and 1 five year old natural color ram. 

These are all registered and 3 came from Rhode Island from Polly Hopkins and the ram has blood lines back to her also.

Two chicken Brewders one has never been used other one used very little, five compartment- each compartment has its own temperature control

Seven month old water buffalo raised in a petting zoo

Three month old lemur mother raised, Group of Audads, Young male buffalo, pair of young black bucks, Group of young Reahl Rheas ,Kangaroos, adult Four month old female camel

Fall Alternative Animal Auction

October 1st-2nd, 2021